The May 2014 bond package, totaling $287 million, provides new instructional space for current capacity issues as well as future growth, addresses aging campuses and infrastructure, increases safety and security and provides technology for students and teachers.


Sixty-five percent of the bond will go towards the construction of new district facilities, with almost half going towards a new high school and new elementary school. Reports indicate that the school district will continue to grow by approximately 400 students per year, and this bond package will allow Pflugerville ISD to keep up with this growth. In addition, this bond includes improvements to all existing school buildings in the district.

New Facilities for Growth, Safety and Equity: $188,350,000

Construction of a new, grade 9–12 campus to serve as the district’s fourth comprehensive high school to provide additional student capacity at the high school level

• Demographic reports show that a fourth high school will be needed by 2016 in order to meet the district's capacity needs.


Construction of a new, grade Pre-K–5 campus to serve as the district’s twenty-first comprehensive elementary school to provide additional student capacity at the elementary level

*Construction cost adjusted for anticipated inflation

• Five of the 19 elementary school campuses are currently overcapacity and using up to four portable buildings per campus and nine elementary schools are projected to be over capacity by 2015.


Construction of a new elementary school to replace the existing Timmerman Elementary School building

• The existing building is the oldest school building in the district, and a replacement school will provide equity with other PISD elementary schools.


Construction of a multi-purpose, district-wide stadium to accommodate activities of all existing and future high schools

• Existing high school stadiums are undersized for their student populations and have seating capacity issues for spectators.

• A regional facility will allow the district to adequately serve student extracurricular activities as well as host various regional and state competitions, district-wide activities and community events.


Land Acquisition: $7,200,000

Purchase and evaluate land for the construction of future schools to support the district’s growth


District-Wide Upgrades: $24,763,000

Safety and Security: $4,763,000

• Create controlled entry vestibules on all PISD campuses that provide a secure passage area between the entrance and interiors of the school building

• Upgrade electrical systems, fire alarms and sprinkler systems that improve safety on campuses


Technology: $20,000,000

• New technology for every PISD campus, including interactive and mobile learning devices, interactive projectors and computer replacements

• Campus network hardware upgrades including cabling, wireless enhancements and A/V broadcast equipment

• District-wide wireless internet capability enhancements and network operations improvements including new district servers and storage, video security servers and software, battery backups and new infrastructure to connect to PHS



Existing Facility Renovations, Additions and Improvements: $67,887,000

• Repurpose of existing Timmerman Elementary School building to serve the Pflugerville Academic Center of Excellence (PACE) and a new district professional development center

• Classroom additions to address instructional inadequacies at Park Crest Middle School and Riojas Elementary School

• Renovations to existing high school stadiums to correct current deficiencies

• Various upgrades and repairs to campus mechanical and plumbing systems and district-wide energy management systems for energy efficiency and operational cost savings

• Building envelope improvements including structural, roofing, windows and doors to extend the life of existing district facilities

• Campus priority improvements and interior finish upgrades



Bond Program Contingency and Bond Issuance Costs: $6,000,000



TOTAL MAY 2014 BOND PACKAGE: $287,000,000


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